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Cinephilia is a webcomic inspired by the love of cinema, written and drawn from the perspective of William O. Tyler! Cinephilia examines how the art form of film shapes and shifts our culture and society, and in turn how our culture and society shapes and shifts the art form of film.

The webcomic was broken up into two parts, the first being long form, multi-page comics that tackle more in depth topics like representation in media and industry whitewashing. The second part was made up of short, often single page comics and comic strips that were more light hearted and just for fun.

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the show

In 2018, Twitch streamer Perception Studio invited William O. Tyler to turn Cinephilia into a weekly talk show. There William and co-host Art Vega would talk about movies of the past, present and future as well as the film industry itself with a live, interactive audience.

Art and William are currently revamping their weekly movie talk show into something new, which means Cinephilia is on hiatus for now.

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